SEO Title Description Counter Tool

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160 Characters

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About SEO title and Description Counter Tool

Because of bloggers always think about SEO when writing a title and description so sometimes they hard to write a right length so I make a new tool named SEO Title and Description Counter tool. It is a new SEO support tool to assist you to write a right and best title and description length.

How SEO title and Description Counter Tool will help you?

Well, if think about SEO Title, it takes about 60 to 65 characters and description takes longest 160 characters, so SEO title and Description Counter Tool will help you to make the best blog title and description by counting title and description characters.

Why Should You Use Our SEO title and Description Counter Tool?

To avoid confusing or make some mistake to make a good blog title and description I suggest all blogger using the tool every time you write a blog title and description before you place it on your blog page.

How to use SEO title and Description Counter Tool?

It is very easy to use this tool. Just start to write your title and description in this tool, then it will be counted from up to down (65-0) for the title and (160-0) for description. It will not allow you to write more than the maximum, otherwise, you will get the receive the notification alert.

How to write a best title and description for your blog post and page

Blog post titles and descriptions are the first sectors that make your blog articles get rank on Google to be quick. It this short guide will explore your question. To write a good SEO Title Description, you need to put your Keyword in your title and page/ post description and the most effective key is you should use the synonym keyword in the description. If you are looking more detail about how to write a strong description I would suggest you to visit it.