April 23, 2019

Top 5 Most Used WordPress Plugins

WordPress is the most commonly used platform for building a website or blog. It is suitable for both individuals and companies. There are so many themes, templates, and plugins available at WordPress that save a lot of time as you do not need any coding to enjoy a feature. It has more than 47,000 plugins in the stock that include almost all the features, anyone needs on the website or blog. You can effortlessly enjoy plugins by WordPress. The most amazing thing about them is that many of them are free until you need a premium version. There are different requirements for different business setups. A law firm website needs to have different features such as bicycle accident attorney in Los Angeles has.

Top 5 Most Used WordPress Plugins

Here is the list of top 5 plugins used by bloggers and websites for their online presence.

Contact Form 7

It is the most commonly used and very useful plugin that every kind of website should have. Businesses must have this at their website so their potential clients can contact them for the queries and details. Contact Form 7 reduce the workload at the end of the developers and provide a plugin to add through which people can contact the attorneys or the firm. This plugin has the option for customization.


This is the automatic feature and a must have plugin for all the WP users. It can bring success to your business and website. This plugin is great to make your website secure, improve its performance, increase traffic, optimize photos and much more. This plugin is protective to prevent brute force attacks on the website. Another amazing feature of this plugin is monitoring of the performance every five minutes to check if the website is down. It notifies instantaneously when there is an issue in the performance of the website.

Yoast SEO

This is the optimizing plugin that helps to index of the site on the search engines and supports traffic growth. It supports adding meta tags and optimize the website as a whole. If you want to improve the ranking on the search engines this plugin is right for them. YOAST SEO helps in creating SEO friendly and user-oriented content that gain the attention of both. It not only gains traffic but also sustains the ranking.


This is the anti-spam plugin that is the best for refuting. It checks out the comments by the users and filters it. It is another automatic plugin to install. It removes spammy comments from the website and creates a status history for all the comments. The moderator gets access to see the approved and spammed comments.

All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets

It helps to describe your content in a better way to the search engines. This special markup presents the content at the website differently and the information taken by search engines improves the star ratings about your products or services, direct to the maps when someone searches for you and many others. It offers an easy user interface for creating the markup for the website pages and posts.

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