January 4, 2019

Landing Pages, Conversions, and the Future of Machine Learning Technology

Landing Pages, Conversions, and the Future of Machine Learning Technology
If you’re like most digital marketers, then you’d most likely trying to come up with new and innovative strategies to promote your brand.

After all, there are so many eCommerce sites out there these days, and as it becomes easier than ever to launch a startup, the competition only becomes more cutthroat.

That’s why some digital marketers are jumping at the opportunity to use machine learning to help get their products and services in front of the right people at the right time.

If you own online business and want to learn about machine learning and how it can help you create the best landing page for your website, boost conversions, and improve the user experience, keep reading.

Today we’ll take a look at machine learning in the digital marketing landscape and its potential to shape the future of online marketing, no matter which eCommerce platform you choose to use.

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What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning at its core is the use of computer or math algorithms to make predictions or identify patterns in large amounts of data.

In other words, machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence and seeks to efficiently solve human problems.

The reason people like to use machine learning to analyze data is because it’s very fast and accurate.

You may not realize it, but it’s likely you have already had firsthand experience with machine learning in your personal life.

In fact, this web design trend of using artificial intelligence can be found nearly everywhere if you look closely:

  • Netflix movie recommendations
  • Facebook face recognition
  • Voice assistants from Apple, Amazon, and Google use machine learning technology
  • Internet dating matching
  • Spam filtering in your website’s commenting system
  • Chatbots you talk to when you need online help
  • And even spell check in a Word document.

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When used in digital marketing, machine learning can provide effective solutions that help businesses find out what customers want more of, and customers find what they want to buy.

So, let’s see how machine learning is being used and how applying it to your landing page design, either now or in the future, will help you grow your business.

1. Image Identification in Search Results

Google uses complex algorithms to identify your website’s images and place them in the right search results every time.

Being able to distinguish tiny details, Google’s machine learning helps rank images according to their relevance and recommend similar images so people can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Not convinced?

Try uploading an image of your own to Google images and see how closely the images that are recommended to you resemble your upload.

Image Identification in Search Results

And the best part is, Google’s machine learning is so advanced, it doesn’t even rely on image filenames to find similar images.

So, how does this apply to landing page design and online business?

By using machine learning on your website, complete with image identification functionality, you’ll be able to suggest products that relate to what the customer has already viewed on your landing page.

And with near perfect accuracy.

Doing this will help boost engagement, improve cross-sell and upsell efforts, and help your business generate more revenue.

2. Advertisements

Advertising your business across multiple channels is one of the best ways to drive traffic to particular landing pages, complete with calls to action that will guide people down the sales funnel.

However, poring over tons of data related to your pay-per-click advertisements to see which campaigns are working and which are harming your bottom line can take too much time.

That’s why digital marketers are using machine learning tools to gather data to help you more easily:

  • Discover the metrics needed to encourage more clicks and generate more sales
  • Make more data-driven decisions regarding things like campaign types, keywords, and ad placement
  • Overcome any issues you’re having when it comes to producing results

How will this help your advertisement and landing page design efforts you ask?

Well, right now it’s hard to tell since AI ad tools are still relatively new.

That said, Google recently announced their new AI ad tools designed to help marketers automate and develop more effective ad campaigns.

So, you can expect that sooner, rather than later, you’ll be able to do things like:

  • Choose multiple ad headlines and descriptions and let Google’s machine learning determine which are the best combinations
  • Allow Google to display specific ads to certain people based on the context of their search query, so more leads come your way that are actually interested in what you have to offer
  • Let Google generate actual ads for you (automatically) after providing basic information such as location and descriptions
  • Have your ad campaign optimization automated based on criteria you set

As you can see, machine learning does more than help drive customers to your landing pages from a relevant search result advertisements.

It also helps make digital marketing more effective and easily attainable by automating recurring processes.

3. Customer Behavior Analysis

When you create a landing page for people in hopes that they’ll convert into paying customers, you might add a search bar to make navigating your eCommerce site easier.

Not to mention, you can collect data from your website’s search bar in a tool such as Google Analytics to see which terms people are searching for once they land on your site.

Customer Behavior Analysis
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Doing this makes understanding what your customers are looking for once they arrive on your landing page easier.

It also tells you whether you’re creating landing pages designed to drive high quality leads your way.

But to make things even better for people that arrive on your landing page, you might want to implement machine learning functionality into the search bar such as:

  • Autofill capability
  • Related terms
  • Misspelled terms

Machine Learning

This type of machine learning identifies your site visitors’ intent and helps better serve them the search results they’re looking for.

This, in turn, helps increase site engagement and conversions, resulting in more sales and growth.

Adding to this, those with a Shopify dropshipping business have a lot to gain from machine learning functionality when it comes to inventory management and customer behavior.

After all, when you run a drop shipping business, you don’t have to worry about how many customers come to your online shop and make a purchase.

That’s because inventory is managed by your suppliers and based solely on customer behavior. In other words, the more people buy, the more inventory you’ll have, and vice versa.

This automation makes running an eCommerce shop less stressful and more budget friendly, since you never have to worry about analyzing the data yourself or try to determine the inventory amounts yourself.

Are you interested in making your home based business even more successful?
If you currently run an online shop, even if it’s a drop shipping business, get into affiliate marketing, create a YouTube channel, or sell an online course based on what people are searching for once they arrive on your website.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to better monetize your website and make more money, all with the help of the data collected by machine learning tools.

4. Landing Page Copy

Compelling copy on your site’s landing pages is what will drive people further down the sales funnel and ultimately convince them to convert.

But the problem is, a lot of digital marketers don’t have the time or skills needed to craft engaging landing page copy.

That’s where machine learning tools designed to help the content creation process are helpful.

For instance, Articoolo helps you turn existing content into something completely original that your site visitors will love to read.

Landing Page Copy

This machine learning tool will:

  • Understand the current context of your content
  • Find resources to add to the article
  • Use relevant keywords and sentiment to keep readers engaged
  • Ensure the piece is highly readable

This advanced tool is perfect if you want to offer lead magnets on your landing pages to people you’re trying to convert, which can consist of exclusive blog content, eBooks, checklists, and more.

Final Thoughts

In the end, machine learning in the context of digital marketing is still in its infancy. And quite frankly, it’s still a little confusing too because the functionality is so new, and yet so powerful too.

That said, anyone that owns an online business that wants to keep up with the competition better familiarize themselves with the emergence of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Even if just to gather some inspiration for landing page design.

Customers are demanding better user experiences more than ever before, and some of these experiences can only be achieved using the power of data analysis and machine learning algorithms.

So, take the time to evaluate your current digital marketing strategies and see where you can fit some smart technology in to drive more traffic, convert more leads, make more money, and satisfy more customers.

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