December 31, 2018

Facebook App Development: How to register it?

Facebook App Development
Facebook App Development is a most popular tool for developing their product and if you are a software developer and looking for the best solution to develop your business through Facebook Development. Eg: Facebook Messenger Chat Box, Facebook Instant Articles on WordPress CMS Website, you much create a Facebook App Development

Why do you need to have Facebook App Development? Of course, when you integrate Facebook Messenger Chat Box and other integration, you will need an App ID and App Secrets ID to connect and integrate with your website, therefore, on this tutorial, you will learn how to register a Facebook App Development.

1. Access to Facebook for Developer

To access Facebook for Developer, you need to access from your Facebook Profile account and to get the Facebook for developer website, you need to get it from the searching keyword of "Facebook for Developers" or a similar keyword.

Login Facebook App

2. Add New Facebook App Development

When you have ready access the Facebook App Development, it means you can create an App you want by just click on "My Apps" menu tab where you will see on the top right-hand side of its menu. The next step is clicking on "Add New App" on the drop-down menu.

Add New App

3. Create a New App ID

There are just a few things you need to provide to create a new app ID those are Email address after that click on "Create Add ID" button. The rest things are provided App information.

Create a New App ID

4. Additional App Information

Once you have done all the steps above you can provide some more information on your App setting. Why do you need to offer that information? Well, it is all about truth and more value to your new App. To provide some information just go Setting > Basic. Here is just additional information you should provide.

  1. Privacy Policy URL of your website
  2. Terms of Service URL of your website
  3. App Icon with the fit side of (1024 x 1024)
  4. Category of your App created
  5. Your website URL
  6. and Your Personal data.

Additional App Information

5. Activate Facebook Your App

You have provided that information above then it is time to use your App by activating your App. Find out the attractive button on the top right side. Once you have done, it is time to use.

Activate App

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