December 17, 2017

Where to Start with Keyword Research

Keyword Research
Not ranking for certain keywords or ranking for the wrong ones could be severely limiting your conversion rates, so keyword research is a very important strategy for search engine optimization and improving your business's reputation.

Before attempting keyword research, you need to ask yourself whether the keywords you are using are relevant to your website's content. If your keywords are not relevant to your business, even if your website ranks well, users may be dissatisfied with what they find and leave your website. This is bad news for your conversion rates.

Gaining an understanding of which websites already rank for your keyword will give you a valuable insight as to who your competition is and from this, you can gain an understanding of how difficult it can be to rank for the term. Usually, if there are search advertisements running along the top and right-hand side of the organic search results, this means that the keyword is of a high-value, and if there are multiple search advertisements above the organic results, this means that the keyword is a directly conversion-prone keyword. Therefore, you want it and you may want to consider bidding to get it.

Keyword Research Tip

If you are unsure of whether or not a keyword will be effective, you can initiate a campaign with Google AdWords or Bing Ad enter and purchase test traffic to see how well your keyword is likely to convert. Supposing you choose to use AdWords, select the "exact match" option, then point the traffic to the page of relevance on your website, this way, you can track impressions and conversion rates.

Using the data that you've collected, figure out the value of each keyword. Let's say that your search advertisement generated five thousand impressions in just one day, one hundred of which are visitors who have reached your website, and three have converted for the total of approximately three hundred pounds. This is likely to be much more than you spent on impressions and so your campaign will be profitable. Moreover, the original five thousand impressions, in just twenty-four hours, could potentially generate rates of between 18-36% and a first-place ranking, which will lead to even more business!

‘Since investing in keywords and the overall SEO package, I did research into keywords, this gave me a better understanding and helped me get better results from all my campaigns.

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