October 7, 2017

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Page URL Link

Recover Deleted Facebook Page URL Link
In the previous article, I have shared a special solution How to Claim an Unpublished Facebook Page. But this method is a hard way to get back Business Facebook Page. I decide to leave this article to offer you the another way get back your existing Facebook page URL (Link).
This method won't help you to get back the number of Fan Like of Business Facebook Page, the old posts which you did on it. It is a way to get back your old Facebook page URL (Link) for your new Facebook Page.

Why Should You Recover Deleted Facebook Page URL Link? 

Well, this is a very simple thing. If you have an unpublished Facebook page that violates the Facebook's terms. I guess, you probably need back the Facebook page. But they don't allow anyone to republish his/her Facebook Page again even they try to claim or appeal to Facebook Company. So Recover Deleted Facebook Page URL is the best way to publish the Facebook page again.

The another hand, if you don't publish your Facebook again, your Facebook Fan won't able to visit the Facebook page again, then you lost them. Therefore, this below tutorial will guide you to make this thing happen.

Delete Your Unpublished Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook Page display a message link this, you won't able to publish it again because it violated the Facebook's terms. Then to get back Business Facebook Page URL, you need to delete it from Facebook.

Unpublished Facebook Page Message

How to delete a Facebook Page?

Here are below tips to delete a Facebook page permanently.

  1. Go to Facebook Page you manage
  2. Click on "Setting" top right side
  3. Click on "General" which stands on the top left side
  4. Scroll down to the bottom then Click on "Remove Page"
  5. Then Click on "Delete Your Page".
After you follow this instruction, the Facebook Page will remove next 14 days. 

How to Set up a New Facebook Page

You can create a new Facebook Business Page in a few minutes from your personal computer or mobile device. To create your Facebook Business Page, please see below instruction;
  1. Name for Facebook Page: Facebook Page name can be your business name.
  2. Upload a profile photo and cover photo: Upload them as same as you old Facebook Page.
  3. Provide Detail About Your Page: All detail should be in the "About".
  4. Post some Feed on the Page: Post some articles, pictures or whatever you did on your old page.

How to Set up a Facebook Page URL

Now it is time to recover Facebook page URL with the instruction below;

  1. Step on the Facebook Page
  2. Click on  "About" then click edit to change. 

Edit Facebook URL

Business Facebook Page Publishes Again

Now everything works well and Business Facebook Page lives again. Therefore, it is time to make Business Facebook page great again. This is the another tutorial how to make the Effective Facebook Business Page Activation.

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