October 19, 2017

How Does a Blog Make Money: Make Money Blogging

Blog Make Money
Have you ever think your blog value? Do you want your blog make money when you sleep? All blogger around the world always dreams to make money through their writing. Therefore, I will share with you of some advanced tips. It is how to make money on your blog.

I do believe that you think like me.
Dream to have a nice blog and it can make money for you.
Yes, of course, I write this article because I would like to share my dream with you. It will be a historical record of your blogging. These below actions will make $10,000 per month for me.

To be a blogger, I researched a way to be a good web designer. Or to understand the codes. I finished my first research, I continued to do another research. it is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a key that leads my dream come true.

This is a trick of How Does Blog Make Money?

Start Desing a Blog

You need a blog and give it a name that you can promote it to the world. I suggest using the custom domain name with your blog Custom Management System (CMS) such as Blogspot and Wordpress.

If you develop a blog yourself, you should develop to be a nice view. No attack your readers' eyes. The template should friendly to the mobile device or responsive template. You can use the Premium Blogger Template, it is free.

Work Out on SEO

When you blog lives, you need to work out with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO can help your blog rank on Google and boost more visitor to read your articles. Here is a tip for website SEO audit or if you need my SEO Audit Service, it will be my pleasure.

Provide Helpful Articles

Your articles are most important for your blog. They can make your visitor fall in love with, therefore, you should provide something helpful for all your articles. If you like your blog, they are marketing people for your blog. They will your blog to social media and they will return to your blog.

Make Money Blogging

Choose One or Two type of Blog Advertising Opportunities

Promote your blog, boosting your blog until you receive high traffics. Or until you think, it can make money. When you are ready to make money with blogging, you have to choose the main type of blog advertising. They are;

  • Pay-per-impression: The advertiser will pay when the ad appears on your blog.
  • Pay-per-click: The advertiser pays when someone clicks on the ad, such as Google Adsense.
  • Pay-per-action: The advertiser will pay when someone clicks on the ad and buy the product.

Other Advertising Opportunities

Affiliate Ads
It gives a program to blogger to provide links, banners of products. Blogger gets paid when someone purchase.

Direct Ads
The bloggers offer an option for their audiences to purchase the ads space on their blogs. Direct ads shown in the form of banner ads, links to display on their blog.

Keep Improvement Your Blog

From time to time, you have to update and sharing everything new at 2 articles per month. The SEO will authorize your blog and it will bring more free traffic. The more you work hard, the more blog makes money for you.

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