June 7, 2017

Effective Facebook Business Page Activation

Effective Facebook Business Page Activation
Facebook Page is a most effective marketing strategy for local and international business, it perform you business qualify from your customer and fan. To activate it to be effective Facebook Business page effective, I have 13 guidelines to share with you through this article.

Once you have effective Facebook Business Page, you will use it put on your website or blog. The Facebook Like Lightbox can assist you to make you marketing to be affective strategy.

1. Work on About Menu
  • Add website URL in about us section.
  • Go to "About Menu" provide information about the company such as email address and website URL and all About Company information, and Business Detail Section.    

2. First Activation Post on the Page
  • Copy few URLs (Links) from your website and post on Status within few link describe about each post.

3. Choose an engaging cover photo and profile of the page.
  • Use a simple cover image or design a specific one to make it engage with your business.

4. Optimize the descriptions of your profile picture and cover photo by adding links.
http://www.blogsupporter.com à  goo.gl/ge7XMl

5. Add a call-to-action (CTA) button to your cover photo.
  • Booking Now
  • Contact us.

6. Customize Facebook Page with apps and then organize your tabs.
  • About
  • Photo
  • Trip Advisor
  • Video
  • Youtube
  • Event
  • Post……

7. Post photos and videos to your Timeline.
  • Photo from the tours (at least one time per week)
  • Videos of the tours, or tour activates which took by guides or derivers.

8. Post other content types as well.
  • Content which related Vespa such as partner, media links…

9. Pin important posts to the top of your page.
  • Pin the most important post to the top to keeping for the visitor see it advance.

10. Decide whether you want Facebook fans to message you privately.
  • Lead the message button to the top, then the visitor can contact us or book tour through Facebook Page as a private method.

12. Monitor and respond to comments on your page.
  • Make sure that administrator can respond the comment from the visitors on time.

13. Promote your page to generate more followers.
  • If we need more Fans on the Page or make any post popular, we can promote the Facebook page by targeting the country and budget.

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