August 4, 2016

Google Tag Assistant Solved Analytics Error

Google Tag Assistant
It would be great if you knew your Google Analytics Code that placed in HTML of your website was an error or blocked tracking analysis. You can not find this problem in your website HTML or in your Google Analytics account. You have another method to add Google tag assistant that is a Chrome browser extension. You will be allowed install into your browser from the Chrome Web Store.

The Google tag assistant will help you to get verification that you have installed various Google tag correctly on your blog or web page. The tag assistant will tell you the tag are present every time you open the web page. The tag assistant will report all errors that found and suggest to improve all of them. It will work with Google products including Google Adwords Conversion Tracking, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more.

How to Add Google Tag Assistant?

Well, go the Chrome Web Store where you can search for the Tag Assistant then add it to your chrome web browser.

Three Different Tag Assistant Color Marks

  1. Green: mean the tag is finding correctly.
  2. Blue: mean that google will suggest how to improve your error.
  3. Red: A technical error. The tag is not tracking properly for most users. You should fix it as soon as possible.
As well as you will see the number of error on the top of you tag assistant screen when you click on the extension icon.

Google Analytics Error

How To Use Tag Assistant To Solve Google Analytics Error?

There are different errors that happen on the different problem that most users are facing. So the most problem that always happen is "Invalid or missing property ID, Premium Content section not found, and No HTTP response detected".

The Tag Assistant extension will guide on when you got an error. Click on question mark gets more detail about the solution.

Missing Web Property ID

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  1. HI Keo, thanks for your sharing this information to all together. It is a very helpful tutorial that I can learn to fix it and get a correct traffic from the google analytic after I solved the Google Tag Assistant. Appreciated!


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