July 30, 2016

Google Domains Best Choice For Bloggers

Google Domains
A long time ago I wrote an article about how to configure custom domain name with blogger blog and a few weeks ago I explained a way to increase the domain authority score.

In this new articles, I will share the another new thing that is most important for bloggers and web developers. That is Google Domains, it is the best choice for all of you that is looking for a good domain name for building a blog or website. 

I knew there are many international and local companies are providing domain name and hosting services but those are some third party suppliers and limited services providers. These below reasons and benefits that you will need to choose Google domains name.

Google Domains

Why Choose Google Domains?

A buyer always thinks about benefits that received from the products that he/she bought from a company. If you a clever buyer, you will think about those company that provides benefits and truth. These are below benefits lists you will get from the Google.

Best Security backed by the Google

As known as Google is a giant company that developed search engine website (google.com), and other services such as Blogger, Gmail, Google Drives, Social Networks (Google Plus), Google map, Google Adsense, Google webmaster tools, Google Analytics, and many other. So Google has enough ability to protect all those services that are providing to the customers.

Private Registration Without Surcharge

The private registration will be offered when you purchase or transfer your existing domain to Google domains without surcharge. This feature is an option that will not display your register information such as your address, name, contact information, and other.

Faster Integrate With Top Website Builders

You can create a website with few website builders such as Blogger, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify, and Wix. This feature is vary in cost and options include good speed hosting, security, good templates, and other power features such as drag and drop, and mobile friendly management.

Create Email With Domain and Forward It To Existing Gmail Account

In this feature, you will be able to create at least 100 email aliases with your domain name, like info@blogsupporter.com, and forward them to your existing Gmail email address.

Customizable Multi Sub-Domain

At least 100 sub-domains such as convert.blogsupporter.com will allow the users to create within the unique page and within a website.

More than 90 New Domains are including in Google Domain

You will be able to purchase a domain name within more than 90 new domain such as dot world, dot business, dot media, dot network, dot exchange, and dot codes, etc...

These above feature benefits are few that you will get when you purchase Google domains. Moreover, you will get many other functions that can manage your domain name such as Simple domain management tools (manage your domain dynamic DNS, manage resource records: A, CNAME, AAAA, MX, NS, PTR, SOA, SPF, SRV, TXT).

How to Purchase Google Domain?

Recently Google does not allow citizen that are living out of the USA to purchase a domain name from Google Domain unless they have a U.S. billing address, but they can manage the existing domains. 

The US citizen can purchase domain names from Google Domains website where you can search a domain and register to purchase it.

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