June 30, 2016

What are Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles
Facebook Instant Article is a new idea and new product that meets publisher needs. it was launched by Facebook since May 2015. Instant Articles were built to provide a solution for a particular problem that happened on the Facebook mobile application (APP) because it was very slow loading time.

Facebook are on the way of millions of people are getting the news via the app but it is loading very slow, they spent about 7 to 8 seconds when they click on a link from the Facebook Page app. So they came up with the Instant Article, it is a way that they can view those article on their phone like lightening speed. So Facebook hopes that readers can start zooming those articles 10 times faster than mobile web articles. This mean that Facebook does not want you to spend more times on the loading speed on the app and the Facebook Instant Articles publishers can publish articles and they will see the app revenue.

If you are a publisher, it is time to study about Facebook Instant Articles because I do believe that every article that posting on your website or blog will share the Facebook page or profile and those articles will reach to your Facebook page fans they will get the news from there then they completely click your website likes which share on Facebook.

Facebook Instant Articles

These Few Things You Have To Know About Facebook Instant Articles

Instant Articles are gorgeous application media

It was so amazing app when I read the article from Instant Articles Media, and it was released hype video. Instant Articles comes with a great benefit and easy to use and moreover, they have multi-features that we can associate with premium.

The Instant Articles are available on Mobile

The first instant articles are published on the individual pages or on the Instant Articles Library in the Facebook app. This is a new technology in inventive ways that publisher's needs.

Facebook Offer Publisher within Ads Revenue

Facebook will give instant articles publishers 100% of the revenue from advertisement and if they sold the ads and 30% will cut if the advertisement sold through the Facebook network.

The App Provides Auto Video Play, Image Flexibility Moving, and Zoom

When you got instant articles work for your website, all your media such as videos, images, and the map will be working great. The auto-play video and tap to zoom image galleries.

Do not Need To Create Posts From Your Page When You Apply Instant Article

This is an amazing juice that offered by Facebook. When you publish an Instant Articles, it will not automatically correspondent on the Facebook page, but it will work like a magic, it will redirect to article's URL when your visitors view your articles from your Facebook page by using a mobile app.

Only You Can Control Which Articles are Published

When you sign up the Instant Articles, you will need to take responsibility to control your article which will be published to your Facebook page. Instant Articles Library allows you to manage your articles which published as Instant Articles.

Finally, You Love it

It is your choice to choose Instant Articles or not; if you prefer to use the default mobile app it does not a matter. The main of juice that provided by Instant Articles are released from this blog articles so it's time to consider and learn How to sign up the Facebook Instant Articles for Wordpress Website and Instant Articles for Blogger blog.

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