May 25, 2016

Learn to Increase Domain Authority Score

Increase Domain Authority
Domain Authority is like what you are doing in your society and how well you are or what is your appearance look like. If we are talking about a website we may need our domain name recognized by Google or search engine tool. To make someone or like search engine tool qualify our domain name and increase the number of authoritative ranks we need to build up something that we will provide a specific tip below.

Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a strength of website that can work well on search engine ranking factors. The DA works base on three main factors. Thos are Popularity, Age, and Size. The Search Engine Gurus Moz will provide credit with the metric known as DA.

In general, the domain’s authority is predicated on the recognition of quantities of external links inform back to the domain, however, the age of the name also because the size of the website in terms of variety of pages has an effect on DA. The domain authority score ranging from 0 to 100.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

Keep in mind that domain authority ranking is hard getting it so you need to work hard with below instruction and you have to keep doing it every day, no matter you did it less or more. Do it one by one to get high backlinks as well as to increase your DA.

Use Social Medias 

Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are most popular social media and where you can share your web page to those medias. It is a good idea if you want to increase your website visibility, you should link those social media account to your official website. Posts are regular updating on those sites and they engage with other people on the site. You can publish yourself as an industry authority then you no longer you will get more traffic to your website as well as your DA will be improving.

Add Social Meta Tags For Twitter, Google Plus to define exactly how to show title, description, images, and web page URL in the social newsfeed. Most important is Facebook Open Graph Tags a social you love to share your web page on it.

Make Strong Internal Linking 

Internal Links are most important for your domain, they will help site users get more information about the pages that related or linked to other pages and the search engine will easily go to the relevant page.

Strong internal links mean more information has been providing the same place. If you talk about SEO in the first paragraph then you need to link to another SEO article at the last paragraph and see more detail how is SEO growing. So the site user will get more information on the link you provided.

To create a strong internal link on your web page, you have to create more and more quality contents, it will help you to build strong internal links. More strong links you made, more traffic you get from them.

Here is a way you can use to create internal links;

  1. When you create links you should use a different variation of anchor text. (Ex: If you use anchor text like "how to increase domain authority" then next link should us "domain authority" and next " increase DA". This is a method to create an internal link with different anchor text.
  2. You should provide what they need.
  3. Build more that related to the one article.

Create Fresh and High-Quality Contents Regularly

Create high-quality content regularly and publish to your website daily. The contents should unique articles because they will help to improve domain authority score. Write those articles to be provided helpful to your audiences and they will like and share.

To a high-quality content, I use Grammarly a free version to assist my writing and check all error especially grammar. Why do you need to create high-quality contents? Well, because people do not like reading poor contents. They will leave after then read for a few lines so you need to be careful with articles.

Create Guest Posts

Guest posts are the way to build up backlinks to your website and it is a good technique to get increasing domain authority ranking. Create an epic and helpful content within 500 and more words then link your website URL with keywords that you prefer, it will improve your DA.

Listing Your Website To Forum

To get high DA you need to think about the forum, it is a great source to establish and connect with the web developer expert and you can learn from all of them. To get backlinks from the forum you have to create an account from those forum websites within your full information. You can ask many questions with your niche and answer to other people what they face the problem and sometimes you can leave your web page URL inside the forum posting.

To join the forum you have to follow each forum policy, otherwise, you will be banned if you break their rule. Some forum does not allow you to post a link to your posting. For the recommendation to link with a high DA Forum so you can increase your website DA.

List Your Website To Web Directories 

Web directories are still helpful to create backlinks but it is a bit hard to it. That great web directory such as Dmoz and other 15 web directories. if you have a new website or blog you need to add your website to Yahoo Web Directory, it is an advanced search engine website.

Keep Patience

Your domain authority will be increased if you follow above instruction because I completely do what I am sharing this helpful information with you. The DA will update every month and it is a time you can see your domain authority rank rising.

How to Check Domain Authority Rank?

There are many tools that you can check your DA rank but these below tools are selected the best. You can choose just one of them which provide below to view how your domain authority is.

Domain Authority by Moz

Mozbar - this is a great toolbar where I always use to check my DA moreover I can see many things such as page analysis, a number of social sharing, domain links and other thing related to my website. Mozbar allows you to install in Chrome both Microsoft and Mac IOS.

Small SEO Tools - this is a tool that you can truth and use to check your website domain authority. Small SEO Tool has many SEO check-ups and to use this tool you need to fill up a spam code which required and verify as your human.

SEO Weather - is a best domain authority checker tool. This tool has provided you unlimited usage, you can check more than hundreds of the domain at one time. The task result has been shown such as DA, PA, PR and IP Address. You can download your task result by using CSV Feature.

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