May 15, 2016

How is SEO Growing / Search Engine Optimization

SEO, Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO is short of Word "Search Engine Optimization". The SEO is a methodology of Webmaster strategies that used to get the higher amount of visitors to a blog or website. The Good SEO Ranking of a website is obtaining many visitors from the search result of Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engine Website. A high-ranking that received and placed on a page, it will be an advanced placement on the search result.

SEO Growing, Search Engine Optimization

How is SEO Growing?

We have shared the below helpful tip about How does SEO Grow with Search Engine result. We are focusing on two methodologies of strategy to let’s search engine optimization work for us. Those are Search Engine From On Page and Off Page.

On-Page SEO

Understand Keyword Targets

You should understand who your market is, so when you understand about your market then you can configure up what products you target to sell them. Targeting your keywords that related to your products. For example: If you open a restaurant you should find out the keyword with the opportunity as known as low competition keywords.

Unique Page Title

Unique Page Title is not used by other websites. Add one keyword in your page title and the title should limit within 65 characters long.

Meta Description

Meta Description is a most important head Meta Tag because it explains about a whole of your articles or what articles talk about. The Meta description should limit in the line of 160 characters long and the specific keyword should place in the description.

Keyword in URL

The keyword in URL will automatically generate from the page title. You can customize it to the way you want. What is the keyword in URL look like? For Example, it will show like this (

SEO, Search Engine Optimization

Meta Keyword

Many websites and blogs are using Meta Keyword but some popular website such as Google, Alexa, and Bing does not use Meta Keyword. So Meta Keyword is optional for you.

Place Keywords in the Unique Content 

Create a unique content because it is very important for website/blog and where you can manage your keyword destiny. The content that place on a page should put one keyword and use two or three variation keywords. You do not need to use a bunch keyword because the variation keywords are in the primary term of keywords. The search engine optimization will qualify your key works if you to understand what we are talking about on this page.

H1 Tags (Bold, italics, image tags)

You can manage H1 tags  <H1> on your website HTLM and assign H1 tag for your post or page title and assign it to bold by using CSS code section. The italics letters are used in some of the terms of the requirement to explain that italics title text or text is important words.

The image alt tags are very important for sharing an image on web page. The Webmaster needs to add image alt tag (al="…") in the image because the search engine requires it to improve your image search result.  As well as H2 tag <H2> is using for a subtitle. Every subtitle should assign with H2.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization

Off-Page SEO

Build backlinks

Backlinks are most important for a website that links with the URL as the anchor text link with a description from the different sources. Link building will help you naturally results and you will get growing all the time. We tell Google that this is a backlink that we made to for linking to our website. Backlinks provide a good search result and this is what SEO are ongoing a campaign.

The high-quality backlinks are linked on the high-quality website and blog. The High Google page ranks are recommended. The high page rank should be PR1 to PR9 or PR10. The more you link from a high page rank website, the more you get good quality backlinks. It is a good idea to keep building links and this is what SEO about and keep those links for a long period of time and it will keep improving ranking links and keep up to new keywords.

Web Directories

The reason why we use web directories even they are not much quality backlink getting back to our website. It is a way to build backlinks with free directories but some web directories are required to pay money for it. We have provided articles about Top 15 Blog Directories To Submit Your Blog / Website.

At least we recommend you to link your website to 200 to 300 web directories. Those web directories should naturally have PR1 and more.

Blog Comments

This is another method that you can use is blog comments. Leave blog comments every day to some blogs that you are visiting and leave comments with your URL and anchor text or anything thing you can link from your comment text to those blog pages; do not think too much just comment and link your URL with them even you know that they no follow links.

Link and Share on Social Media

What social media should you use to connect to your website? Well, those are some popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Linkedin, and More. You can link your website URL on your social media and share your posts on them.

If you like sharing your website page on Facebook you should add Facebook Open Graph to your website header section. Moreover, Social Media Tags for Twitter, Google are available here. The Social Meta tags help to optimize title, images and descriptions review when you share your web page on them.

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