April 6, 2016

Fix Structured Data Error in Google Webmaster

How to Fix Structured Data Error in Google Webmaster

This is a tutorial how to fix structured data error in Google Webmaster for Wordpress Website

The Website or Blog owners, Web designers, and Web Developer should understand about Structured Data Error in Google Search Console that always happen on their website which performed by Google Webmaster tools. If you are using the Google Search Console  as known as Google Webmaster Tools) to check up your website search engine, you will see some advice about structured data error from this tool. So you might need to fix and solve this problem, especially for someone who are using Wordpress Custom Management System (CMS) will get this tutorial to solve kind of this problem from Blog Supporter and to backup avoid error from Google crawling errors pertaining to structured data (like hcard or hentry  errors showing missing updated, author, or entry-title designations for your structured data). In particular, if you include a hentry class for your specific posts (which is a WordPress default) that you likewise consist of the proper entry-title, author and upgraded designations to your markup. If you do not, you'll end up with mistakes in Web designer Tools (now called Google Search Console).

We recently discovered that WordPress based websites may typically present incomplete structured data to Google's search spiders. This ought to not affect your natural rankings adversely by much, however, it deserves taking care of due to the fact that having this details can certainly have a positive impact on your rankings.

You'll see the mistakes (after selecting the website in question on your dashboard) in Search Console (Webmaster Tools) under Search Look > Structured Data. You will see errors stating that specific pages are:

Structured Data Error in Google Search Console

Missing: entry-title
Missing: updated
Missing: author

Why does it happen to your website?

Your website or blog will get these errors because you use a div section with an individual post that has include entry as a CSS declared class. It will send to Google about those post page contains structured data that it can collect for use within search results.

Those errors performed that the post page using the entry class, each post is singling to Google that structured data is available on the post page. The problem is that we're sending only a partial signal. Digging into these errors show us that we still need the author, entry-title and upgraded classifications to complete our structured data for the page.

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How to Fix these problems?

Repairing the mistakes can be as easy as including span tags to your posts where the information appears, total with the proper CSS class for each. I 'd suggest searching your site files in the wp-content then go to themes or [them name] directory site (where my theme is the name of your style) for the text "hentry" to get a sense of where the problem might be.

You can use your Wordpress Website Management System to reached to single.php file by login to your website admin and click on Appearance and click on Editor then on Single.php life or Pos-single.php.

Bear in mind that the problem might generate from several locations in your site files and for that reason may require updating numerous files. Most of the times, the "hentry" identified aspect can be found in your single.php or post-single.php page template, unless you have your website configured to utilize different templates (where case you will need to upgrade all the PHP submits that are used for displaying single posts). I have actually even seen some sites include "hentry" class names for elements on classification or archive pages.

Here is a basic example: on our page design template (single.php or post-single.php) we had an <h2> tag containing the title like this:
<h2><?php the_title(); ?></h2>

We changed the code to consist of a class with entry-title like this:
<h2 class="entry-title"><?php the_title(); ?></h2> 

This repairs the mistake by delivering the required entry title markup designation to the appropriate data. I then repaired the author error by discovering the following (likewise in single.php):
<?php the_author(); ?>

Then switched the code and include class like below:
<span class="vcard author post-author"><span class="fn"><?php the_author(); ?></span></span>

Notice that the above markup wraps two-period tags one inside the other. That's because vcard needs a minimum of one kid entity (in this case we used fn for field name). This suffices to satisfy Google's information needs.
<?php the_date(); ?>

Once you've done that, you can test your page on Google's really handy structured data screening tool found here: https://developers.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool You'll need to be logged in to Browse Console (Webmaster Tools) to access that page correctly. It needs to be as basic as that to obtain rid of those errors. Please include comments if you've discovered a much better way to do this, or have any comments on your own problems with structured information.

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