January 26, 2016

Basic Search Engine For Blogger, Blog SEO Tip

Blogger Blogspot Basic SEO Tip
Basic Search Engine For Blogger is one of our SEO tutorials that have been discussing. The search engine for a blogger is based on Search Preferences Function that had released by Google and this function is perfectly Set up for a basic search engine for website.

The basic SEO for a blogger is based on the blog title, description and the most important is where you can set up your meta head tag, robot tag, dofollow and nofollow tags for different pages. The search preferences have also a Custom Robots.txt file where can create a sitemap for your blog. Moreover, you can create a Custom Robots.txt File with this tutorial provided.

What is SEO?

SEO is standing for "Search Engine Optimization". The SEO will process of getting traffic from everywhere people search what they want that related to your blog or website title. Everyone are using the major of search engine browsers such as Google, Bing, Yahoo that they are a primary search result for website pages and website content, videos etc. The result of searching for people are shown  by ranking of website and keywords from any good SEO. The blogger basic SEO is a part of blog search engines that you need to set up it when you create your blog at the first time. The blogger SEO will help you to compete with other search engines for blogs' tools.

So today The Blog Supporter will share everyone who is using or going to create a Blogger blog and want to improve  Blogspot search engine to get more rank in search engine term. So this is just a basic SEO tutorial that you can set up by yourself in your blogger search preferences function which from the part of searching engine optimization tool. Ok! let's start to do this basic SEO for your blog.

How to Set Up Search Engine For Blogger Blog?

Step 1: Go to blogspot.com and log in your account.

Step 2: Now go to Setting Menu >> Basic, then scroll to the top of the page where you can fill up some blogs search engine requirement.
a) Title: You may need to complete the blog title.
b). Description: This is a most important that you need to describe your blog article that search  engine machine will easy to find the best blog search engine, what kind of blog talking about.
c) Privacy: The privacy is a most important to your blog that allows Google works out on it for search engine optimization.  In this section, you should select all "YES" then click Save Change button.

Blogger Blogspot Basic SEO Tip

Step 3: Now you need to set up the another one Search Preferences Section, just click on the same Setting > Search Preferences.

Blogger Blogspot Basic SEO Tip

Click Edit on Custom robots header tags then set up these below guideline:
a) Homepage: select on All, noodp.
b) Archive and Search Page: noindex, noodp.
c) The default for Posts and Pages: all, noodp.
Now after you did it click Save Change button.

Now you have done and completed this basic blogger search engine, keeping post articles to your blog and everything will be better and better in searching engine optimization. Enjoy it and have fun. Also, read How to add a domain to blogger.

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