January 27, 2016

Two Things to Improve Page SEO Ranking

Two Things to improve SEO When you Create  A Post
What is SEO? How to improve SEO marketing? You are the owner of your blog, you can increase your blog visitors as well as website traffic such as improving your blog Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by using SEO keywords by your own just following these two things the way to improve SEO and them just  SEO tools when you create a new post. The post will be living on Google, Bing or Yahoo by using your keyword research tool  or using keyword analysis tool.. but they are not a good post or landing page rank when you do not set them up within things at the first time you create it and it will be professional SEO. When you do this thing, your post pages will be a first option of the search engine if you include your SEO content writing an idea for the blog SEO you can read how to improve SEO because it is a great SEO strategy and SEO starter guide. However, at least this tutorial can be a tip for you to discuss with best SEO company.

Do these Two Things to Improve Your Blogger SEO

1. Set up Your Post Permalink

Every time you create a post or landing page. This permalink is very important that you show set it up to relate your post title. The permalink should be using a hyphen (-) from a word to another word, it is a basic of SEO tools .
2 Things to improve SEO When you Create  A Post

2.Write down the post description

The post description is a most important because it is a meta description tag, it will help to gain for a quality for a search engine. Meta descriptions are HTML attributes that provide concise explanations of the contents of web pages. The meta description should describe the article's meaning.

2 Things to improve SEO When you Create  A Post

The Search Result will be shown this Search description

2 Things to improve SEO When you Create  A Post

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