October 20, 2015

Create Google Adsense Unit To Place on Blog

How to add Create Adsense Unit and add in your blog
Create Adsense Unit Add in Your Blog, It seems you have understood how to apply Google Adsense known as google Adsense sign up and you got the approval from google to join this program as well as to making money online. Now it is time to create your ad unit and add google Adsense code to your blog and make money. This is the another step to work out with Google Adsense program and you have to create ad unit to generate AdSense code and place the ad code in a right position of your blogger blog or website to gain high cost per click (CPC).  This below tip will help you to do this job.

How To Create Google Adsense Unit To Place on Your Blog

Step 1: Login your Google Adsense Account

Step 2: You will see a few tabs then just click on "My Ad" tab

Step 3: Click on "New Ad Unit"

Create Adsense Ad Unit Button

Step 4: There are many options of ad size categories that you can use any size that fit your ad place.


    The kind of ad banner and size are recommended by Adsense and the most used sizes.

    Choose Adsense size

    Horizontal banners

      These are kind of  landscape sizes that the width lingers then high. The banners are fit to the top and bottom area.

      Horizontal banners

      Vertical banners

        Land portrait sizes that fit to your widget sidebar area.

        Vertical banners

        Rectangular sizes

          These are square sizes that most of these sizes are popular to widget sidebar and post page.

          Rectangular sizes


            This is a good flexible ad size that always flexible to your ad place area. It is a most popular for responsive website template.

            Responsive Size

            Custom Sizes

              In this option where you can design ad size by yourself to suitable size for your ad area.

              Custom Sizes

              Link Ads

                This a kind of text link ad that you can choose to place everywhere in you site.

                Link Ads

                Step 5: Now after you choose the ads size, you can use the ads background, text and link color that you would like to design for your ad banners and also you could choosing text font that shows in this section then Just select one of them.

                Choose Adsense Color

                Step 6: This is the last step of creating ad units, and after you choose the ad banner size, background color, you need to click on "Save and get code" to receive a code for placing in your blog. Copy that code and keep it, then click the close button.

                Adsense background Color

                Step 7: Login in your blogger then go to "Layout

                Step 8: Find out the sidebar area that you would like to place your ads inside then click on "Gadget" add the HTML/Javascript [+].

                Add Adsense Code to Blogger

                Step 8: Now paste your ad code that copied from the step #6 in the text area then click "Save" to save the code. 

                Finally, you have completed step#1 - #8 the ads banner will show on your website next few minutes. But remember that please do not click on the ad by yourself or ask someone to do it, otherwise, your Google AdSense account will be ban very soon. Here is the way to keep your Google Adsense account safety by avoiding these 12 mistakes.

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