June 22, 2016

How to Claim an Unpublished Facebook Page

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Claim an Unpublished Facebook Page
Facebook Business Page is a most beautiful social media that every business men, personal issue and other like creating to promote their business, products, and personal marketing. The Facebook will help your business grow and it is fundamental and will set you up for success. You can work focus on your activity on your Facebook page to meet your special business goals.

To use Facebook to be an effectiveness and to violate the terms and condition of Facebook, you need to be careful some activities on your Facebook business otherwise, your Facebook page will get unpublished or place limited activities on it which warning and punished by Facebook. So your Facebook Page Like Box and Facebook Like Lightbox Popup also got an error.

I share this information to you because I am facing this problem to my Facebook Business page that was unpublished by Facebook Company after I merged my Facebook business page with another Facebook page that listed in the different business category. Then few hours I got the warning message on your Facebook page and it was not published again. Therefore, add Add Facebook Open Graph Tags to your blog or website to get verify from your sharing activity. 

Facebook Page Business Page Unpublished

How to Recover an Unpublished Facebook Page 

There are not many Facebook page admin that face this problem if they do not violate the policy. Those main violated activities that we always do every day are spam posts, share spam links from other posts, and receive unpublish posts and especially merge your Facebook to another page in the different category like what I did for my Facebook page. 

Sometimes Facebook place limits activities warning message on your page because you do not follow the Facebook Pages Terms. So this is the way that I am using to claim my Facebook Business Page back to publish.
  1. Before you claim it to publish again, you need to know what was your mistakes that you did in last few hours and remove it immediately.
  2. On the page warning message you need to appeal to Facebook Company by click in the Appeal button and you will receive a form that allows you to appeal with your explanation to Facebook.
  3. Below sample short message text that I sent to Facebook to work out on my Unpublish page. 
  4. After sent the message, we have to wait for responding from them.
Appeal Restriction on Facebook

Hi Facebook,
I did not do anything intentionally and it is not my intention to violate any term and condition of the Facebook page please accept my appeal.
This message is a just sample and it is my personal that I used it to appeal to Facebook and to claim my Page. Thus, you can write the another one that you can explain more details about the problem that happen to your page.

There is the another way to Appeal a Page Policy Violation direct from the Facebook help center. Where you can select one of your page that limited. Appealing directly from the help center page where you can explain about the problem that happened to your Facebook. Try again and again, later on,  you will receive a message from Facebook and I hope everything will he coming back and have fun.

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  1. Replies
    1. Hi Dany Hatory, I got back my Facebook after I was following above tip but but I am not usre if will work for your page. Check it up..... https://www.facebook.com/blogsupporter

  2. Look i have The same problem i merget my Facebook page x another Facebook And next Day my page was unpublished DX


  3. my page was unpublished only because a merger with another page with different category

  4. Hi Facebook,
    I did not do anything intentionally and it is not my intention to violate any term and condition of the Facebook page please accept my appeal.


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